Break Free


Roads are made to be travelled,
Life is made to be enjoyed.

Break free from the walls surrounding you,
Live life, it will fill every void.


(photo taken near Canon City, CO, 2018)


Coming Home


The empty space
Between you and me,
Can make it hard
Sometimes to be.

But time passes,
Day by day,
Soon you’ll be in
My arms to stay.

And all the pain
That we went through
Will be all worth it
When I’m with you.


(photo taken in London, England, 2016)



He was standing there,
Lost in his own world,
Desperately seeking a way out
Of a labyrinth of decaying thoughts.

Suddenly, he felt her hand on his shoulder,
Leading the way out of his misery,
Into a world of eternal happiness.

And in that moment he knew,
Everything would be just fine,
For he had her by his side.


(photo taken in Paris, France, 2008)



I wander ’round,
See all the world’s places.
So many different cities,
So many different faces.

There’s much to see,
So much to feel,
You gotta bethere
To know it’s real.

So here I go,
With open mind,
And new adventures,
For me to find.


(photo taken in San Francisco, CA, 2005)

Road Trip


The magic of the open road,
Going where you wanna go.
The world is all yours,
For a moment in time.

Stop where your heart desires,
Make the journey your destination.
Taking in all the beauty
This planet has blessed us with.

And when you reach your final stop,
You know how freedom feels,
So whenever you forget,
You have a lifetime of memories
To help you remember.

(photo taken outside Denver, Colorado, 2010)

Travel Bugs


Far away,
To another place.
Desire for adventure,
Urge to leave.

Just some hours on a plane,
Yet a lifetime away,
From daily life
And all the troubles.

If only for some moments.
A new skin tried on,
If only for some days.

Returning home,
Wiser and more enlightened,
About this world,
We are allowed to experience.


(photo taken at London Heathrow Airport, 2015)

Beauty All Around


As life goes on,
We pass things by.
To some we pay attention,
While others, we deny.

But beauty is in all,
In all the things we see,
It’s in the streets and buildings,
In nature, you and me.


(photo taken near Harlem, NY, 2014)