Light Of Mine


Just when I thought
I could not see,
Your light chased my clouds
Away from me.

Opening my eyes
To all the wonder and beauty,
Now making you happy
Is my most pleasant duty.

Lighting a spark
With your love and care,
You just amaze me,
I have no words to spare.

How I love and adore you,
Sweet soul of my soul,
In you I found the one
That makes me whole.


(photo taken in Miami, FL, 2018)




Lying here, with you,
Your smile softly touching my soul,
What a wonderful feeling,
The way you make me whole.

As your skin melts into mine,
Our souls rest in ease.
You hear the beat in my chest and know
That to my heart you hold the keys.

I kiss your lips, and feel your breath,
I draw you close to me.
This might just be a moment in time,
But we know, forever we will be.


©Paymans Perspective
(photo taken 2018)



I give you my heart,
Give yours to me.
We will be happy,
Our love will run free.

We’ll walk through life,
Together, hand in hand,
If you’re in trouble,
With you I’ll stand.

This feels so right,
It can’t be wrong,
As time moves on,
It will stay strong.

For what we have,
Is one of a kind,
A love this powerful,
We thought we’d never find.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)

The Lobby


You entered my heart,
And everybody else,
Simply disappeared.

Now you have left,
But you’re still the only one
I want to see.

And so I sit in my lobby and wait,
Until you find your way back again.


(photo taken at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, NY, 2014)



In the daytime,
We see the sun, the sky, the clouds.
We don’t see the stars, but we know they are there.

In my life,
I see the joy and happiness of other people.
I don’t see my star, but I know you are there.

And so I wait for the night to come,
So I can see you again.

(photo taken near Marathon, Florida, 2014)