We are often told,
What we have
Is what we take.

But that we have each other,
Was always meant to be.


(photo taken at Miami Beach, FL, 2018)


Light Of Mine


Just when I thought
I could not see,
Your light chased my clouds
Away from me.

Opening my eyes
To all the wonder and beauty,
Now making you happy
Is my most pleasant duty.

Lighting a spark
With your love and care,
You just amaze me,
I have no words to spare.

How I love and adore you,
Sweet soul of my soul,
In you I found the one
That makes me whole.


(photo taken in Miami, FL, 2018)

Miracles And Wonders


Some people spend a fortune and a lifetime,
Searching for miracles and wonders.
Too blind to see
That not only the best things in life are free…

…but right in front of their very eyes.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)

Another Day


Another morning without you,
Another day without your touch.
But it will take us one step closer,
To those moments we’re missing so much.

Fate brought us together,
Time and distance try to tear us apart.
But they will fail so miserably.
For destiny has bonded us at heart.

We will share so many moments,
For we were always meant to be.
And hand in hand we’ll walk together,
As this love ends in eternity.

(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)





As blue as skies,
Feel in my soul,
Missing the one,
Who makes me whole.

She’s wondering lost,
Somewhere out there,
Leaving me here,
The pain to bear.

Finding her way,
She lost her track.
And I’ll wait here,
‘Til she comes back.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)