Late at night,
You go to sleep.
No call, no text,
In dreams too deep.

Late at night,
I am awake.
Waiting for you,
My heart in ache.

It’s not control,
But honest care,
Knowing you’re safe,
Makes all easier to bear.

So while you dream,
I’m waiting for tomorrow,
To hear your voice,
And ease my sorrow.


(photo taken in Canon City, CO, 2018)






I go to sleep,
At night alone.
My heart, it feels,
So far from home.

For home is you,
Tucked in my arm.
Makes you feel safe,
Keeps you from harm.

Your hand in mine,
Holding it tight.
The love we share,
It feels so right.

For now I’ll close
My eyes and sleep.
And dream of you,
Who has my heart to keep.

(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)

Here, With You

IMG_4734 (1).JPG

The smell of your hair,
The taste of your skin,
Words whispered in your ear
That come from deep within.

The presence of your love
The feel of your touch,
And so many other things
That I’ve been missing you much.

They all feel so real,
Now that you are here, with me.
And I’ll cherish these moments,
As your presence fills me with glee.


(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, 2017)

At Long Last


The wait is over,
The time has passed.
Soon I’ll be with you,
At long last.

The weeks seemed endless,
Nights would never end.
But it was all worth it,
For the time we’re gonna spend.

Soon I’ll hold you again,
My angel sent from up above,
As each moment together
Will be a celebration of our love.


(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, 2018)




When you feel lonely,
When you feel blue,
Know there’s someone
Always there for you.

Life can be hard,
Can get too much,
Leave you longing,
For a gentle touch.

You might not feel
It right away,
But keep your faith,
There’ll come the day.

And until then,
Don’t you forget,
The best for us,
Is to come yet.

Might be hard now,
But soon you’ll see,
The pain will fade,
Leaving only you and me.


(photo taken in Niagara Falls, Canada, 2016)