She broke me,
And now I’m here,
Trying to put back the pieces,

Without a glue…


(photo taken in Enns, Austria, 2018)




Gave you my heart,
My soul to keep,
To prove my love
For you was deep.

But in your eyes,
I saw that day,
You’d take it all,
And run away.

Leave me behind,
With no regret,
And still it’s you,
I can’t forget.

(photo taken in San Francisco, CA, 2010)

The Lobby


You entered my heart,
And everybody else,
Simply disappeared.

Now you have left,
But you’re still the only one
I want to see.

And so I sit in my lobby and wait,
Until you find your way back again.


(photo taken at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, NY, 2014)

On The Beach


On the beach,
Where the sun warms the sand.
On the beach,
Where I used to hold your hand.

On the beach,
Where the water melts the earth,
On the beach,
Where we still knew each other’s worth.

On the beach,
Where the summer feels the best.
On the beach,
Where we laid our love to rest.


(photo taken in Key West, Florida, 2017)



Close to you, I felt comfortable.
In your eyes, I found warmth.
When you smiled, I felt vindicated.
Those moments you touched me, you released me from my solitude.

And I still feel comfortable, when you are around me.
I still find warmth, whenever our eyes meet.
There is still vindication, when I make you smile.
But now I feel like a stranger,
Lost again in a universe of loneliness.

(photo taken in Bibione, Italy, 2017)