Love & Pain


True love is deep,
It fills your heart,
And occupies your soul.

And when things are wrong,
It keeps your heart from beating,
And your soul from living.

But in the end,
It is all worth the pain,
For no good thing
Comes easy.


(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)


Break Free


Roads are made to be travelled,
Life is made to be enjoyed.

Break free from the walls surrounding you,
Live life, it will fill every void.


(photo taken near Canon City, CO, 2018)



Mistakes are made,
Long as you live.
Some small, some big,
You have to forgive.

For it is human,
To stumble and fall.
Getting back up is strength,
To face it all.

Don’t beat yourself up,
For your past,
Just do it better,
And make it last.


(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)



Night And Day


When darkness falls,
And lights go out,
Locked inside,
Voices scream and shout.

Hope seems gone,
But that’s not true,
It’s an illusion,
To irritate you.

For every night,
Is followed by day,
Just hang on,
Love will show the way.


(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)

What Love Does


When you are all alone,
And the world left you behind,
Because you wanted it to,
I’ll be standing at your door,
Watching over you,
My hand on the handle,
So I can be there at your very call.

Love still has to teach you the lesson,
That it won’t desert you,
But it’s going to stay by your side,
Through the happiest of times,
And the darkest of hours.
And as hard as it sometimes gets,
It’s my honor and priviledge
To teach you that lesson.

I’ll be the light,
Even when you want to be lost in the darkness,
I’ll guide you home, and keep you safe.

That’s what love does.