I go to sleep,
At night alone.
My heart, it feels,
So far from home.

For home is you,
Tucked in my arm.
Makes you feel safe,
Keeps you from harm.

Your hand in mine,
Holding it tight.
The love we share,
It feels so right.

For now I’ll close
My eyes and sleep.
And dream of you,
Who has my heart to keep.

(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)


She II


Sometimes confused,
Irritated by thoughts,
Emotions running through her being,
Blinding her to who she is.

With a strength of a lioness,
She conquers her battles,
And occasional steps back,
She always answers by moving forward even stronger.

Blessed with a beauty,
Rarely seen in this universe,
Her eyes tell the stories,
That some can’t bear to hear.

And in the end, she always wins,
Unaware of her victories.
And I wonder if she will ever see,
All the marvel she bears within.

She’s everything one could ever hope for,
And all you could ever dream of.
The answer to all prayers,
And all I’ll ever believe in.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)



Woke up this morning,
Without you beside me,
Thought of last weekend,
You were wrapped in my arms.

Such a painful feeling,
To be here without you.
Such an exciting rush,
To reunite with your soul soon.

Distance is testing
This love that we share,
But we will pass it,
Just like this weekend will.

And in just a little while,
What was meant to be,
Will be together again.
Inseperable.  Unbreakable. Unstoppable.

For love always finds a way,
Even through the darkest areas,
It will blaze its trail,
And lead us to our destination:

You and me.

(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)

The Elements Of You


The sound of your voice,
Like music in my ears.
When you speak,
when you sing,
When you laugh.

The feel of your touch,
Like an angel’s caress.
When you hold my hands,
When are in my arms,
When I hold you tight.

The warmth of your love,
Like torch lighting up my heart.
When you let down your guard,
When you seek my protection,
When you give your trust.


(photo taken in Nashville, TN, 2004)



A childhood hero.
Someone I could look up to.
Struggling with his own demons,
Still caring more about the ones he loved.

A kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime.
A kind of love you only feel once in a lifetime.


(photo taken in 1980)