We are often told,
What we have
Is what we take.

But that we have each other,
Was always meant to be.


(photo taken at Miami Beach, FL, 2018)


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I have just recently really committed myself to running a blog, so this site is a work in progress, but I hope to improve it over time. For now, I will use it to share my thoughts and writings, as well as my attempts at photography with you. All pictures were taken by me, and I would ask you kindly to ask for permission if you want to use them publically. The same goes for my writings. I hope you enjoy my contributions, and I am always open to suggestions for improvement!

3 thoughts on “Destiny”

      1. Good morning dear,

        it is so nice to receive message from you this morning , i can understand you, i have no problem if reply me later, please do take care of yourself.

        I look forward to receive new beautiful
        poems from you.

        God bless you, may your days became smooth and happier.

        Thank you so much.


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