Mistakes are made,
Long as you live.
Some small, some big,
You have to forgive.

For it is human,
To stumble and fall.
Getting back up is strength,
To face it all.

Don’t beat yourself up,
For your past,
Just do it better,
And make it last.


(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)




Another Day


Another morning without you,
Another day without your touch.
But it will take us one step closer,
To those moments we’re missing so much.

Fate brought us together,
Time and distance try to tear us apart.
But they will fail so miserably.
For destiny has bonded us at heart.

We will share so many moments,
For we were always meant to be.
And hand in hand we’ll walk together,
As this love ends in eternity.

(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)



Here To Stay


Love walked in,
All by surprise,
Hidden in your eyes,
What a sweet disguise.

Captured my heart,
My soul was entangled.
Made me forget all the scars,
Of when love had me mangled.

Wrapped you up in my arms,
As you laid your head on my chest,
Now we share a love,
That will pass any test.

Yes, love walked in,
I didn’t know what to say,
But now I’m convinced
That it’s here to stay.


(photo taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)



As blue as skies,
Feel in my soul,
Missing the one,
Who makes me whole.

She’s wondering lost,
Somewhere out there,
Leaving me here,
The pain to bear.

Finding her way,
She lost her track.
And I’ll wait here,
‘Til she comes back.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)

She II


Sometimes confused,
Irritated by thoughts,
Emotions running through her being,
Blinding her to who she is.

With a strength of a lioness,
She conquers her battles,
And occasional steps back,
She always answers by moving forward even stronger.

Blessed with a beauty,
Rarely seen in this universe,
Her eyes tell the stories,
That some can’t bear to hear.

And in the end, she always wins,
Unaware of her victories.
And I wonder if she will ever see,
All the marvel she bears within.

She’s everything one could ever hope for,
And all you could ever dream of.
The answer to all prayers,
And all I’ll ever believe in.


(photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO, 2018)

Power Exchange


I am yours,
You are mine,
Here’s my heart,
Sign the dotted line.

Take care of it,
And I swear,
All your heartaches
I will bear.

A pact we make,
Promises true,
Come what may,
I’m here for you.

Never alone,
That’s how you’ll feel.
Forever love,
That is the deal.


(photos taken in Linz, Austria, 2018)