The wonders and beauty,
Nature can create,
With something as simple as water.

A reminder of
the wonders and beauty you can create,
With something as simple as ambition.


(photo taken at Niagara Falls, USA, 2004)




All the money in world,
Won’t buy what’s needed most.
A hand to hold,
A shoulder to lean on,
A love that’s true.

It’s the priceless things,
That make this life worth living.


(photo taken at Southfork Ranch, Dallas, TX)



Through all the pain,
And hurt you caused,
The love remains,
It isn’t paused.

For true love forgives,
Though not forgets,
Keeps standing strong,
Through hurt and regrets.

So don’t you think,
My love has ended,
It’s here for you,
To come and mend it.


(photo taken in California, 2008)



Bridges connect one place with another,
The shortest way
Bridges are solid, stand strong
Through sunshine and storm.
But once a bridge is damaged,
It is  so hard to repair.

Love is that kind of bridge,
Between two human beings,
Our bond that brings us closer to each other,
Standing strong, even when times are bad,
But once it’s shattered,
It’s the hardest thing to fix.

(photo taken at Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California)

Liar, Liar


‘I love you’ is
Easy to say.
At least it was,
For you that way.

Often said,
But never meant,
A coward’s words,
I now resent.

Became a lie,
You told each day,
And now you left,
The price I pay.

One day I’ll find
A love more true,
Unlike those lies
I heard from you.


(photo taken in California, 2008)


Lonely Roads


Each day that passes,
Goes by slowly,
On life’s road,
It seems so lonely.

Unlike those moments,
When we’re together,
It’s too bad that
They don’t last forever.

But life goes on,
I’m trying to stay on top.
Hoping each day
You’ll be my next stop.

(photo taken in Rodney, MS, 2010)