Year’s End


The old year’s over,
yesterday’s news.
There was lots to win
Even more to lose.

Days of laughter,
Nights of pain,
Sunny moments,
And some with rain.

But from the beginning
To the last moment of the year.
One thing remained,
I still love you, my dear.


(photo taken in Bibione, Italy, 2017)


I want to wish all my followers a happy new year, full of health and happiness. Thank you for always stopping by, reading my work and honoring me with your comments!



The Promise


Promises made,
So easy and cheerful.
Just slip your tongue,
Without second thought.

Promises broken,
Most often they are.
Pain, disappointment,
And loss of faith.

Promises kept,
Though a rare case,
Reveal the people,
You can rely on.


(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, 2017)

Summers And Winters


Summer days,
Long in the past,
Winter’s come,
And seems to last.

Warmth has faded,
Now it’s cold.
Even more
Without you to hold.

But winters end,
They always do.
Warm sun returns,
And so will you.


(photo taken in Miami, FL, 2014)

In An Instant


In an instant,
Memories flush into your head,
Like a tidal wave,
Almost drowning you,
As you gasp for air.

In an instant,
They take you back,
To a time full of laughter,
So hard, you held your belly,
As you gasp for air.

In an instant,
You remember the heartache,
The hard times,
All the tears that were cried,
As you gasp for air.

In an instant,
That wave withdraws,
You look around,
Realizing it’s all gone,
And she is just a memory,
As you gasp for air.

(photo taken in Bibione, Italy, 2017)



Lies are told,
When spirits are weak.
One’s too afraid,
The truth to speak.

Don’t want to hurt,
Or cause no tears,
You tell the lie,
And hide your fears.

No faith in truth,
It’s all in vain,
Just content,
You caused no pain.

What hurts the most,
You’re too blind to see,
Are all those lies,
You’re telling me.

(photo taken in New York City, NY, 2015)

The Ring


When nights are lonely,
And days are blue,
All hope seems gone,
Still think of you.

Of all the times,
That we both shared,
All those memories,
Of when we cared.

And though you’re gone,
They all still linger,
Just like your ring,
Around my finger.


(photo taken in New York City, NY, 2015)



Christmas has come,
Presents under the tree,
Tokens of love,
From my heart to thee.

Some material things,
To show that I care.
Filling your eyes,
With wonderful glare.

But don’t you forget,
What these gifts really say,
Is that I love you more,
With each passing day.