It was you and me,
Always meant to be.

Then you had to go,
Still I love you so.

And I wait for the day,
When you come back and say:
‘I’m here to stay.’


(photo taken near Marathon, Florida, 2014)


The Lobby


You entered my heart,
And everybody else,
Simply disappeared.

Now you have left,
But you’re still the only one
I want to see.

And so I sit in my lobby and wait,
Until you find your way back again.


(photo taken at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, NY, 2014)



Looking out my window,
Busy streets, filled with commotion.

People walking around,
All with their own dreams and visions.

Having found their purpose,
Building their future one step at a time.

Time to leave the isolation of this room,
And join them,
In life.


(photo taken in New York City, NY, 2014)




A childhood hero.
Someone I could look up to.
Struggling with his own demons,
Still caring more about the ones he loved.

A kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime.
A kind of love you only feel once in a lifetime.


(photo taken in 1980)