Blue Moon



Clear skies on a cold night,
Two lovers, far apart in distance,
But not in hearts.

In those nights,
She told him to look outside,
Stare at the moon with her.

But he refused,
Because to him, the moon and the stars,
Were nothing, compared to the beauty of her eyes.

Now he is standing outside, alone,  looking up,
And the only thing bluer than that moon,
Is his heart.
For he missed the chance to look at that moon with her.








Close to you, I felt comfortable.
In your eyes, I found warmth.
When you smiled, I felt vindicated.
Those moments you touched me, you released me from my solitude.

And I still feel comfortable, when you are around me.
I still find warmth, whenever our eyes meet.
There is still vindication, when I make you smile.
But now I feel like a stranger,
Lost again in a universe of loneliness.

(photo taken in Bibione, Italy, 2017)

Thoughts Of You


Thoughts of you crossing my mind,
Thoughts of you making me smile,
Thoughts of you giving me warmth.

Thoughts of you wandering around,
Thoughts of you confusing me more and more.

Thoughts of you running wild,
Thoughts of you driving me crazy.

Thoughts of you bringing tears to my eyes,
Thoughts of you won’t leave me alone.

Thoughts of you…
Just thoughts of you.


(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, October 2017)


Dreams And Nightmares


Last night, I dreamt of you and me.
Walking along the shore,
A place we always wanted to go,
But never got to.

Sunshine, laughter, love.
I could not have asked for a dream better than this.
Each time your eyes met mine,
I found fulfillment, I had long been searching for.

We heard the waves crash ashore,
As it was just you and me, and eternity.
And then, you fell asleep in my arms,
Like you used to so many times before.

This morning, I woke up.
I looked left and right,
But you were not there.

That’s when I realized,
What a nightmare my reality has become,
Since you went away.

(photo taken in Santa Barbara, CA, 2015)



My heart is like a hotel,
And I gave you the biggest suite.
With 24-hour room service,
Your own pool,
Even a butler.
A huge mini bar,
A view of the most beautiful sunsets,
And all the things you ever wished for.

Little did I know,
All you wanted was a simple bed and breakfast.

(picture taken in Westport, CT, 2013)


Shades Of Love


Love makes you laugh,
Love makes you cry.

Love gives you purpose,
Love gives you heartache.

Love fills your soul,
Love drains your spirit.

Love makes you feel like a king,
Love makes you feel lonely.

Love is a vicious circle,
But love is always one thing:



(photo taken in Nova Scotia, Canada, 2008)