Spreading Warmth.

You were my sunshine.

But my sun has set.
Now my world is dark.
And cold.

How I long to see another sunrise.
(Picture take at Levi Jackson State Park, London, KY)







Fall is here,
leaves are on the ground,
as the trees get ready for winter.

Days are getting shorter, darker,
thoughts are getting deeper,
and it is hard not to get lost in them.

But every day, the sun is still here,
shining down, spreading warmth,
a reminder that hope never fades away.


(picture taken at Levi Jackson State Park, London, KY, 2016)

The Lighthouse


You are out there,
lost without even knowing,
somewhere in the endlessness of the ocean.

I am here,
standing on solid ground,
shining a light, not just for you to find safe haven, but looking for you, desperately.

And so it goes, the story of every lighthouse.
Unable to move or turn off its light in the dark.
Waiting for the lost ship to come in.

(picture taken at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, 2008)

Little Acts Of Kindness

This is not a poem. This is also not a short story. This is a short account of something that happened to me today, and made me realize, how the little things we can do for others can really have a positive impact on them.

Today, I went to the city for a job interview. After a very successful conversation with the lady in charge, I went for a stroll through the downtown area, as it was a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon. I passed by this little bakery, and decided to take something home for later. It was not very busy, so I took my time to look around and make a good choice.

All this time, I had the girl working there in the corner of my eye. I noticed how she had this sad look on her face. It was not like she looked stressed or annoyed. She just looked sad. I don’t know why, and I will not even speculate why it could have been.

She came over to me and asked me what I wanted. I told her, and watched as she carefully put the items in a bag. Then she asked for the money. It was about 8 Euros, and I gave her a 10 Euro bill, and in that very moment just added that she can keep the change, while staring at my wallet.


I looked up. And what I saw was a big smile upon her face. ‘Are you sure? No one ever tips here, certainly not that much!’. ‘Yes, I am sure.’, I said, smiling back at her, as I took my purchase off the counter, and headed out.

‘That much?’, I thought to myself, how was that even close to much. Yes, I am struggling with money myself a little these days, but still, those 2 Euros to me were just a tiny token of my gratitude for her service. That’s when I realized, it was not the money she was happy about. It was the fact that someone even cared enough to tip her anything, and show that what she was doing was a service that was being appreciated.

I stopped and looked back at the bakery one more time. The girl was still smiling.

Little acts of kindness: if we all did them, from time to time, the world would be a much happier place.