One Day



One day, many sunrises ago,
We were strolling through a park.

The sun was shining, the trees were green,
The sky was blue.

One day, many sunsets ago,
We were wandering through a park.

The air was cold, the view was sinister,
Your eyes were blue.

One day, many years ago,
We left that park,
Never to return again.


(photo taken at Disneyworld California, 2015)




Life indeed is a highway.
Sometimes we hit the gas, in hurry,
Or trying to get through places,
Where we think there is nothing worth seeing.

Other times, we slow down,
enjoy the view,
even stop for a moment,
So we can take it all in.

And like the highway,
life leads us to our destination.
And we all hope that once we get there, we can say:
‘Yes, it what worth the ride!’



A Walk Through The City


I was walking through the city,
concrete, buildings, streets.
Hustle and bustle, poverty, sadness.
Manmade diseases and crude ideas of beauty.

I was walking through the city,
blue skies, green trees, beautiful flowers.
Kindness, warmth, humanity.
And then I realized…

…beauty can be found in all places.
Nature provides it for us.

(photo taken in downtown Denver, 2010)



Although a lot of time has passed,
my thoughts are still with you.
All the hours we spent together,
all the moments you started crying from laughter,
all the moments you hid your tears behind your smile.
All the times you lay in my arms.

And I wonder what it would be like if you were still here:
Would we still spend so much time together?
Could I still make you smile?
Would you still tell me all your secrets?
Would you still enjoy being in my arms?

Or would you have changed?
Would you avoid me?
Would you laugh about me?
Would you cry because of me?
Would you feel uncomfortable in my arms?

All these questions will forever be unanswered.

(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, October 2017)