Fast as the river flows,
My love for you constantly grows,
Always  on my mind, my dear,
In my heart you’re always near.

And though this lonely path we chose,
Ain’t always easy, I suppose,
At the end, we shall succeed,
And our love, it will be freed.

For giving up is not a choice,
And one day soon, we will rejoice,
We’ll cherish we kept up the fight,
For this love that’s burning bright.

There’ll come a day, when we’ll look back,
On how we conquered this bumpy track,
And all the obstacles we did defeat.
As side by side, our hearts will beat.

(photo taken in Levi Jackson State Park, London, KY, 2016)




When oceans rage,
And skies fall,
I’ll hold you tight,
Right through it all.

The heavens grumble,
The earth may quake,
But I’ll make sure,
Your heart won’t break.

Come hell or high water,
Your shelter I’ll be,
You’ll always be safe,
When you are with me.


(photo taken in Lynchburg, TN, 2016)

Not Alone


When dark clouds roll,
And evenings falls,
Day slowly ends,
And solitude calls.

When you feel
Like no one cares,
You think you’re stuck
With your own affairs.

Hold those thoughts,
Take a deep breather,
And remember that
You ain’t alone either.

For when this world
Seems like it falls apart,
I’ll be there to fix it
And love you, with all my heart.

(photo taken in Villach, Austria, 2003)



‘It may be winter outside,
But in my heart it’s spring.’

You brought sunlight,
To a heart left in the cold,
Relieved it from it’s coat of ice,
Melting it with your warmth and kindness,

Until it finally started
To beat again.


(photo taken in Ennsdorf, Austria, 2006)





When you feel lonely,
When you feel blue,
Know there’s someone
Always there for you.

Life can be hard,
Can get too much,
Leave you longing,
For a gentle touch.

You might not feel
It right away,
But keep your faith,
There’ll come the day.

And until then,
Don’t you forget,
The best for us,
Is to come yet.

Might be hard now,
But soon you’ll see,
The pain will fade,
Leaving only you and me.


(photo taken in Niagara Falls, Canada, 2016)



She sat by him,
And opened up about her life,
Her worries, her troubles.
All the while anxious,
He would stand up and walk away,
Scared off by the baggage she was carrying with her.

Little did she know
That the more she opened the windows to her soul,
The stronger his love for her would grow,
And even the strongest winds,
Would only make his roots wrap around her stronger.

Since to him, this was what love was all about,
A shoulder to lean on, an ear always open,
An emotion unconditional that could only ever grow.

And as he whispered these words in her ear,
He kissed her on forehead,
As she fell asleep in his arms,
Finally safe,
Finally home.


(photo taken in Levi Jackson State Park, London, KY, 2017)